Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Made With Love

Carole is full of love and probably one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She is full of positive energy. The minute we came into the restaurant, which is hardly a restaurant proper, she greeted and presented herself to us. “Bonjour je suis Carole, est vous etes chez moi”. Which translated to I am Carole and you are at my place. (although it’s impossible to translate the beautiful subtleties of the French language) Her restaurant is tucked inside the public market in Martinique's capital, Fort-De-France. There are a few simple wooden tables covered in bright placements full of adverts about Martinique. There is a tiny kitchen off to the side
where Carole makes everything herself.

Carole told us all her food is made with love, and we could all feel it. It was so fresh and fantastic, probably the best food I had in Martinique! She served us up all the traditional foods of Martinique. We started with des “Boudins Noir” (black blood pudding sausage) and des “Acras de Morues” (cod fritters). So delicious! For our main, we had the choice of fish or chicken. I had the fish, which was excellent. But I tasted the chicken and it was amazing! It had the typical Creole spices in it called “Colombo”. It's a combination of spices: coriander, chilli, ginger, cumin, black pepper, and toasted rice, all ground together. It’s a very unique taste and it’s delicious! Our glasses were continuously being refilled with their signature drink of Martinique “Le Planteur”, a mix of local rum and tropical fruits… yum! For dessert we had homemade flan, it was messy and so incredibly delicious! Carole said she would send me the recipe via email. I can hardly wait to go back to Martinique to go back to visit Carole and her wonderful cuisine.

Chez Carole
(au Grand Marché)
Fort-de-France, Martinique


  1. Bonne cuisine qui vaut un petit détour au marché.
    Carole très sympa .Sommes des fidèles depuis 6 ans
    Continue comme ça Carole et a bientôt en novembre

  2. oui! j'adore Carole.. j'aimerais retourner en Martinique! Je reve du poulet Colombo et les acras de morues!