Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fresh is in Fashion

As our bus rolled up to the small beach town called Le Carbet, just past Saint-Pierre, we could see that this restaurant was right one the water. But we didn’t know that we would be actually eating right on the beach. We walked past the kitchen and regular seating area and were told to keep walking to the beach to meet Guy, the chef and owner of Le Petibonum. Guy, a local Martiniquais, was dressed in the tightest cut off denim shorts I’ve ever seen. He was at the edge of the water cleaning the fish that we would be eating for lunch. It was awesome to see exactly where you’re food was coming from and how fresh it is.

Guy had a kitchen set up on the beach next to a big table set just for us. He began by making us fresh mojitos to enjoy while we watched him prepare our lunch. He began with a wonderful and very fresh tuna ceviche. He then served us a huge dish of steamed okra. Meanwhile he was preparing us the main course of steamed local fish that were caught this morning by local fishermen and cleaned by Guy. It was in a light broth with a few local vegetables and grilled plantains. He had that special-and--super spicy pepper that we could dab lighting onto the fish. Each person either got a head or a tail with their meal. He then cooked up these lobster-ish creatures that were much larger than shrimp but not as big as langoustine or lobster. They were alive up until he cooked them up... also delicious. We ate every single one. Dessert was sweet fresh pineapple.

It was wonderful, we stayed hours. I was ready to stay all day with Guy after he offered to take us back to our hotel by boat. I want to go back there with a small photo crew and shoot a fashion story. Guy is the perfect subjet and his outfit was straight out of an issue of Vman magazine.

Le Petibonum
Quartier le Coin, Plage du Carbet 
Le Carbet, Martinique

photos taken with Ricoh GR2 and Canon Rebel T2i

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