Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All Hands on Deck

On one of our last full day there we did an all day boat trip on a beautiful catamaran to visit the surrounding islands. There was about seven of us from our group and over ten French tourists along with us for the day. It was lovely and scenic but I was so surprised to have a sit down lunch on a boat. In the US there’s no doubt that there would be boxed lunched at best so this was a lovely surprise! There were great appetizers served before lunch, “Acras de Morues” of course! Then the food was served. Salad to start, then local fish in a Creole sauce over rice. There was fresh fruit for dessert and they even served espresso after the meal, in mini paper cups… so civilized! I definitely realized that I need to embrace my European roots because there’s really no other way to live! There was even a mini bar set up to fix our own drinks at any time. It was heaven!

I also feel in love with the staff on the boat. Jean-Paul, the local Martiniquais 60-something skipper was wonderful and mixed us Planteur's (rum cocktails) all day long. Suzy, a British woman, was really lovely. Then there was Eddy, the very young and very tall skipper, who showed us the town later that night. It was a wonderful day full of yummy food and scenic sights.

additional photos thanks to Jennifer Kay

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