Monday, April 4, 2011

Get Punched!

I always like to drink the local cocktails when I go to a new country. It’s always so exciting to me to have something new and different that using local ingredients. In Martinique the two most famous liqueurs are the Ti Punch and the Punch Coco. These are two varieties of mixed rum drinks and can be found everwhere. They are served over ice as aperitifs. Other cocktails are made from these. The very famous cocktail in Martnique the “Planteur” is Ti Punch liqueur mixed with tropical juice. The Punch Coco turned into my usual daily “appero”. It is basically coconuts that have been beaten to a pulp to get this thick yummy milk. It’s almost like a condensed milk version of coconut milk. Delicious in small doses! We would stop at the bar at the hotel around 5pm before our evening French class and take our appero. It was all too civilized and so very French!

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